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–        Organizational academic re-structuring recommendations
–        Academic content and methodology foundational design
–        Pre- academic preparation program for foreign students development
–        Foreign language requirements and mastery program for various academic domains

Though we enjoy playing around with up-to-date trends and methods, the DOE philosophy has its roots in traditional schools of learning values and “Old World” meticulous attention to details and consistency. The universal elements of education and learning methods, that demand almost a sacred dedication and decisiveness from both students and faculty, can be the platform for standard learning as well for breakthrough innovative curriculum.
Along with the institute’s faculty and students, its board of advisors and, if needed, external experts, we scan your curriculum and academic content. With great reverence we work to preserve and emphasize your institutional spirit, as defined and designed in the preliminary analysis, adding to it our own improvement and DOE touch in order to enable and increase school attractiveness and appeal. This process will also permit a much clearer view of your sought after partnerships and collaborations with other institutions.