Your True Colors

–        Institutional internationalization in-depth needs analysis
–        360 review of institutional staff, students and faculty profiles
–        Competitive analysis locally, regionally and internationally
–        Assistance in development of school spirit
–        Teaching facilities and students accommodations assessment
–        Students surveys and feedback sessions
–        Economic evaluation
–        Market research and assessment of current school position

During the daily work of an academic institution or any other firm, it’s easy to lose sight of the actual profile of oneself. An outsider observation,
if taken in a methodical way and with real interest in understanding your individual nature, will always bring out your true colors whether the
output is flattering or brings to the surface challenges to be embraced.
Our philosophy pushes us to implement in this stage of the work all needed efforts in order to discover and clearly define your genuine
authentic essence that will be the foundation upon which we together can achieve progress in any kind of project.
Along with traditional methods of SWOT analysis and assessment, we use our combined curiosity and endless desire to learn how to interface
all the components of your institution in order to obtain a comprehensive portrait of it.
The result of our getting-to-know-you operation is the groundwork for systematic projects that will be fully sustainable and a lasting instrument at your disposal, useful for many years.