Highly interested in the NEW

We Refuse To Mind Our Own Business

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

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Every day, we wake up to the NEW.

This is not a choice, it is the essence of who we are and our dreams. We dedicate most of our energies to share the NEW with whomever we can. The NEW can be complicated to perceive, hard to understand and sometimes just an OLD in disguise.

During the day we will embrace the NEW and try to make it our PRESENT. We absolutely cannot do it alone. We need DREAM COMPANIONS that just like us cannot ignore the need for CREATION and constant improvement to who we are and what we do. Together with our DREAM COMPANIONS we wish to soar, to learn, and to make sure the NEW is possible, and does not have to be a threat to the OLD. We are well geared with patience and DECISIVENESS. Our travelbag contains an endless amount of aspirations and an-ticipation.

Our mind is ready to construct the perfect platforms on which we do it all. Some will find it cumbersome, some will grab it as an invitation to a journey of a lifetime. To the first we send our best regards, to the latter we say: “let’s talk!”

Design of Education

Design is multifaceted, multilayer and conveys many meanings. Importantly, it is both a verb and a noun, referring to a process and to a product, to an activity and to the result of that activity. Design is simultaneously a problem seeking and problem solving activity, a means to achieve desired goals not only the goal in itself. It is a creative process referring to every course of action aimed at changing existing situations into preferred ones, driving innovation to deliver value.

What we DOE

In the process of the design of education,(DOE) we observe, identify needs, seek and frame problems, work collaboratively, explore solutions, weigh alternatives, and communicate our ideas verbally and visually.The design process includes periods of self-assessment, critiques of work in progress, revisions and opportunities for reflection. We utilize a shift from a mono-modal and linear system of consulting to one characterized by the spatial organization of different modes. The emergent multimedia model means communicating through assemblage, through relationships among different types of creative expressions and discourses.

The fundamental skills and cognitive processes of the designer – holistic thinking, empathy, imagination, creativity, visualizing problems and solutions – are more critical to us than the traditional analytic skills used by typical consultants. Learning is our unit of progress. It is more important than making money, getting customers, building features, or engineering technical quality.

Those are important but only insofar as they contribute to learning what creates value to our customers. This learning can be validated by running experiments that allow us to test each element of the client’s vision. The fundamental activities we carry turn ideas into products, measure how customers react, and then learn whether to pivot or persevere. A successful process of consulting for us is geared to accelerate the feedback loop of build-measure-learn.


School gets Better



We’re designers and marketers, travelers and explorers, professors and students of life. But above all, we’re passionate. Passionate about education, cultural experiences, and expanding the influence of great schools through program development and specialized branding strategies.

Eitan Lerer


EITAN is innovation-conscious and the mastermind behind our innovative programs. He views education as an invaluable asset and an endless return on investment. more

Maya Friedman


MAYA is our talented coordinator. As an avid traveler, her passion for culture and experiences abroad allow her to act as the perfect liaison between students and faculty. more

Dr. Clarisse Molad


CLARISSE is a professor of academics and a student of experience. She loves teaching and inspiring others to challenge themselves and the world around them, and always puts the needs of students above everything. more

Shirly Fein


Based in Milan Shirly spends most of her days inspecting the city’s real estate scene. Residential, Industrial, Hospitality, Entertainment and Professional facilities.


Nufar Klasquin


Nufar works and lives in Milan. She had studied Design in Florence and loves travelling and everything that it is fun and entertaining.


David Adler


David is the founder of Ustudy Global, an AIRC agency, providing services to international students who intend to study abroad.  more

Adam Sanphy


A recent graduate of Strategic Design MBA program at the Kanbar College of Design, Engineering and Commerce at Philadelphia University, Adam is currently a design intern at Velvet Creative Alliance in Tallinn, Estonia. more

Aleksandar Stamboliev, Msc


Interdisciplinary change agent, inspired by innovative approaches in knowledge management and capacity building of involved actors focusing on economic cohesion and social dialog towards faster growth.  more

Leonardo Giustini, Msc


Born and raised in Florence, Italy, Leonardo is a highly-skilled computer science engineer who loves food, sports, travel, rock music and tech.