In order to excel in today’s competitive academic environment, it is imperative that schools consider all avenues available to distinguish the academic standing while becoming even more attractive to a diverse group of students, preferably coming from many different parts of the world.

Such an opportunity may become available today through a unique accreditation program specifically tailored. We believe that every school can further extend its reputation and enhance the academic curriculum by working with an organization that has helped many other schools achieve remarkable results after being fully accredited following the European Standards of the Bologna Process.


Together with us, school can become the best in its pedagogical practices and leverage this to provide the best education to a whole new set of students seeking an education that is widely recognized around the world and provides them with maximum mobility.

EABHES, carefully elects each year a small number of academic institutions for applying to be accredited. Due to the highly personal attention given to each institution, its programs and staff, and the ongoing support provided post accreditation, each school accredited by EABHES has achieved considerable increase in its enrollment rates and the implementation of outstanding international programs.

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