Nemo Academy for Digital Arts, Center of Excellence in its field,  was born to train professionals by giving students the skills to be ready to face the job market.

Nemo NT is where Tradition and Technology are combined: our students , trained by the best professionals in their own field , study with the best figurative arts and communication technologies: courses are based and continuously updated to meet  real Market demands and a complete and 360° learning path is proposed to them.

The Academy management is composed by well-established professionals able to bring their own invaluable experience and knowledge to the classroom: this allows the School to offer a full immersion scenery of contemporary. Digital expression giving a chance to the student to express his creative talents and to be ready to face a real work environment.

Each course has a coach, a Tutor, that along with the management, follows and organizes personally the student’s learning path for the academic year: as a result this school has a high number of students that, thanks to its professional stages, succeeds to find a real job opportunity.