Dr. Clarisse Molad

Dr. Clarisse Molad


CLARISSE is a professor of academics and a student of experience. She loves teaching and inspiring others to challenge themselves and the world around them, and always puts the needs of students above everything.Being a forward-thinking scholar has given her the insight needed to decipher the best material for interdisciplinary education. By combining Eitan’s progressive ideation

and Maya’s remarkable strategies, she refines all educational materials to make studying and learning as fun as it is informative.

Clarisse comes from a long journey started back at the 70’s that itself can tell the history of global and digital communication evolution.

She represents this very exclusive small group of people that is constantly traveling around the world, planting seed of entrepreneurship and encouraging

new young minds to dareand initiate projects and ideas of innovation and em-betterment in 5 continents .

Clarisse Talks: When I won my first Fulbright scholarship in 2004 , I did not know that in the following 10 years I would basically be staying

‘on the road’ and engaging with hundreds of students and faculty from all over the world… I never looked back!

My family consists of members spread all over the world. My father speaks, readsand writes 8 languages.

The roots of my personal ‘global village’ make me feel at home anywhere I work.

Wings: Good ideas, babies, new experiences, discoveries

Kryptonite: bad technology,

bullying, racism