Maya Friedman

Maya Friedman


MAYA is our talented coordinator. As an avid traveler, her passion for culture and experiences abroad allow her to act as the perfect liaison between students and faculty.On top of that, she’s a master of avant-garde branding strategies and marketing initiatives. Always looking for new ways to promote schools and connect them with the public, she loves being the line that ties worlds together.

After backpacking for more than a year through the Far East and Europe, she landed in Florence to start a completely new journey .

Studied 3 years Graphic Design in the “Accademia Italiana” and then 3 years in the Nemo Academy for Digital Arts.

Then came Eitan with a crazy idea… as usual, not a very clear one, I obviously said yes, after all, I like traveling, and this is one hell of a ride…

Maya Talks: The most exciting moment for me in our work, is the first visit to a new school. I always feel like leaving it all and start studying there.

When I have that feeling, I know I want to make a real effort to improve myself and our client as well.

Most of all, I believe in the possibilities and capacities of my clients .

Wings: good culinary schools and artisanal studio’s , shiny objects.

Kryptonite: Chaos and lack of honesty.