Nemo Academy for Digital Arts, Center of Excellence in its field,  was born to train professionals by giving students the skills to be ready to face the job market.

Nemo NT is where Tradition and Technology are combined: our students , trained by the best professionals in their own field , study with the best figurative arts and communication technologies: courses are based and continuously updated to meet  real Market demands and a complete and 360° learning path is proposed to them.

The Academy management is composed by well-established professionals able to bring their own invaluable experience and knowledge to the classroom: this allows the School to offer a full immersion scenery of contemporary. Digital expression giving a chance to the student to express his creative talents and to be ready to face a real work environment.

Each course has a coach, a Tutor, that along with the management, follows and organizes personally the student’s learning path for the academic year: as a result this school has a high number of students that, thanks to its professional stages, succeeds to find a real job opportunity.


The Liberal Academy of Fine Arts of Florence, offers academic courses of 3 plus 2 years (restructured duration) for diplomas at 1st and 2nd level (equivalent to the short degree and specialization degree) in five subjects: Photography, Graphic Design and Multimedia, Design, Visual Arts/Painting and Fashion Design.

Besides structured university courses the Academy offers further completion with Professional Courses, Liberal Courses and Post-degree Masters.

The legally recognized academies were evaluated, in 2010, by CNAM and the National Council for the Evaluation of the University System.
We are pleased to announce that LABA, by the Minister decree, acquired the expressed favorable opinions from CNAM, regarding the compliance of the didactic system to the criteria in DM 123/2009, and from the National Council for the Evaluation of the University System, regarding the adequacy of facilities and personnel to the type of courses to be transformed, as required by art. 11 of Presidential Decree 21/2005, aligning LABA to the European university standards.

The LABA of Florence, the first Fine Art Academy in Tuscany legally recognized by the MIUR, is a an institute of top level artistic training. An institute where teachers are professionals in the subjects, the Liberal Academy of Fine Arts has created synergies and cooperation with important institutions both private and public such us: The Cartiere Fedrigoni (international paper mill industry),the Piaggio Foundation, the Alinari Museum, the Cherubini Academy of Music and so on. Therefore students have the opportunity to start working through training and internships.



Università dei Sapori is a training center sponsored by Confcommercio of Perugia to create, develop and disseminate expertise, professionalism and culture of food in Umbria, in Italy and in the World.



Since 1982 ABC School of Florence teaches Italian language and culture to travelers coming from all over the world and , over the years, has evolved its offer to answer its students needs.

ABC Italian classes are built up on the most modern teaching  methods  for didactic, psychology and pedagogic  fields without losing sight of the basic grammar.

ABC teachers periodically follow refresher courses to be up-to-date with the most current teaching techniques.

They are rigorously selected by the Responsible in charge for Didactic so that they can always answer to technical and personal requirements and  handle students inquires making them feeling comfortable.

ABC is placed inside Florence historical center, in the district of  Santa Croce’s  that, with its shops , artisans workshops and monuments , is one of the most frequented part of the city.

Students will also find in the spacious and frescoed classrooms with their windows opening up to the Palazzo Vecchio’s and Piazza Peruzzi a unique and refreshing , if not memorable, way to learn.


Polimoda International Institute of Fashion Design & Marketing is anItalian centre of excellence, recognized worldwide for its high quality, fashion-oriented, didactic offer ranging from Design & Marketing to Management and Communication, in line with industry and fashion company needs.

Polimoda relies on a team of professors with a solid background and experience in the fashion industry, a team focused on providing students with an updated education, always in-line with the fast changing fashion business. Our faculty is expert in the different fields of fashion design, marketing, management, branding, communication, trends, footwear and pattern design as well as research in fashion.


Education is an exciting prospect, but how will anyone know about your course if no one tells them? We are the conversation starters: we have the designs to get people talking about your university. We call it Designer Education.