Your True Colors

  • Institutional internationalization in-depth needs analysis
  • 360 review of institutional staff, students and faculty profiles
  • Competitive analysis locally, regionally and internationally
  • Assistance in development of school spirit
  • Teaching facilities and students accommodations assessment
  • Students surveys and feedback sessions
  • Economic evaluation
  • Market research and assessment of current school position

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Back to School

  • Organizational academic re-structuring recommendations
  • Academic content and methodology foundational design
  • Pre-academic preparation program for foreign students development
  • Foreign language requirements and mastery program for various academic domains

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Getting in Shape

  • Staff training for internationalization
  • Staffing for internationalization and job descriptions

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The Devil’s Advocacy

  • Market future trending applied to each school’s domain
  • Visual branding design and development
  • Visual branding design and development
  • Recruitment market segmentation and analysis

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Foreign Diplomacy

  • Formation of mission and vision of internationalization
  • Strategic partnerships creation and maintenance planning
  • Institutional grand strategies development
  • Inter-institutional academic and exchange collaborations

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The Essence of Work

  • Recruitment agencies interface negotiations
  • Sales and recruitment strategy development
  • Staff training for recruitment
  • Design of pilot projects

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