Aleksandar Stamboliev, Msc

Aleksandar Stamboliev, Msc


Interdisciplinary change agent, inspired by innovative approaches in knowledge management and capacity building of involved actors focusing on economic cohesion and social dialog towards faster growth.

Experienced in Macedonia and South East Europe on conceptualization, development, implementation and evaluation of complex projects related to harmonizing educational policy, strengthening entrepreneurial spirit and promote globalization.

Strong analytical and assessment skills enabled conducting wide variety of impact assessments especially in education and the impact on developing new business.

Engaged in sectors analysis in industries as creative industries and impact of smart technology on education.

Currently trustee of Foundation Prof. Dr. Dimitar Stamboliev, supporting advanced students with scholarship towards fulfilment of their potential, but also active member of Leaders club Macedonia 2025, Rotary International Club Macedonia and member of AIESEC Alumni International.

Aleksandar talks: Once I was given the first chance for an internship abroad during my studies, I was not aware of amazing diversified potential in human dimension I will be faced.

Having obtain part of my education abroad (Canada, India, Israel and Italy) and had professional experience in wide teams of people based in different countries (Japan, The Netherlands, and then Balkans: Bosnia and Hercegovina, Greece and Turkey, and many others from Central and Eastern Europe and EuropeAsia), made unique impact based on combination of different business culture on my professional set of skills and personality to become global citizen.

Enjoying continuous learning process and looking forward to any opportunity to discuss my thoughts with prominent students.

Wings: Innovation, Asymmetric thinking, Game Theory.

Kryptonite: Stop assuming, explore and pose questions.