Eitan Lerer

Eitan Lerer


EITAN is innovation-conscious and the mastermind behind our innovative programs. He views education as an invaluable asset and an endless return on investment.Seeing time spent learning as time not wasted, he cherishes the sensation of learning every bit as much as the actual knowledge being taught and experienced. He thrives on different perspectives and new techniques, and uses what he learns everyday to provide the best in research and development in creating educational programs that will influence students for the rest of their lives.

After 14 years in Florence he starts to understand what it is all about. Then thinking about it he always goes back to point 0.

Maya was the reason he came to Florence (“hey Eitan, are u coming for a coffee in Florence” she said), then he “exchanged” gifts with her by creating Impara.

Eitan is always studying “that is the main reason I do what I do”. (“someday I will finish my M.A. in the Florence university”).

Eitan Talks: I am anxious and restless until I have things my way. My way Is certainly not the easiest way but surly the challenging and interesting one.

I love it when people teach valuable notions, techniques and new point of view. The sensation of learning something smart, that will accompany you

the rest of your life is unique and second to none.

Wings: libraries, a good playlist, funny people,Drambuie

Kryptonite: lack of vision/foresight