Impara avails itself of a more then ten-year experience  of professional consultancy in the Education field.

Since 1999 we have been helping students from all over the world to plan their study tours to Italy, choosing with them the best schools and the most suitable path to develop their own potential.

The magnificent city of Florence is the city where IMPARA’s head office is:  cradle of Renaissance, place where art excellences, literature, architecture and philosophy  were born and developed.

We all of Impara founders personally studied in Florence and, thanks to our past experience, we are highly qualified to follow and optimize all our foreigner students living in Florence day by day.

We have gathered a wide data base that includes all possible formative options existing in Italy: Universities, Private Schools, Integrated Studying Programs, Private Classes.

As a result we have built a structure able to selectively meet all solutions a foreigner student can look for in Italy in regards of the study, as it is directed towards different and specific requests of every single student.

We firmly believe that only someone that already experimented difficulties that can occur in an experience such as studying abroad can be helpful to those who decide to follow the same steps.

Our services, available for students from all over the world, make use of the highest standards in education’s different branches and IMPARA is personally undertaken to guarantee his own customers a top quality formative experience.

Florence’s artistic background along with its current cultural environment represents an irresistible attraction for visitors from all over the world.