OSA Soccer Academy offers trips to Italy for teams, study courses for foreigners and courses for trainers and talent scouts.

Giuseppe Pezzano, OSA Soccer Academy Managing Director ,   has more than ten-year experience in the field of foreign studies field and has assisted many schools and students with services and accommodations.

This experience, combined to his talent scout activity for Montreal Impact’s Soccer Team and to cooperation with ACF Fiorentina makes Mr. Pezzano, together with the OSA staff, one of the best key reference for those who want to be closer to football’s world, to realize their own dream to become players or to learn a job related to this reality while improving and focusing on their technical, tactical and theoretical level.

Players, trainers and students from all over the world will have the chance to interact with professional clubs and local teams, immerged in an international experience in a Nation known at a worldwide level for its passion for soccer.