The Self Portrait Program Florence 2016

The Self Portrait Program Florence 2016

From March 9th to March 17th, 21 students from the SDMBA program of Philadelphia University participated in a creativity workshop in Florence centered on the concept of the Professional Self Portrait.

For almost 40 hours, they engaged in full hands-on workshops in fresco painting, restoration, culinary arts, etching and printmaking. The historical context was the Florentine Renaissance and the evolution of the local artisanal arena through studying the artisanal traditions and sharing the current reality of Florentine artisan business owners and entrepreneurs.

Impara DOE has designed this program aiming for a new understanding of the current developments in several global educational trends, such as:

  • Art 4 Business
  • Interdisciplinary creativity workshops for MBA students
  • Artisan full immersion hands-on activity as a catalyst of multi layered creativity
  • The role of analyzing one’s self-portrait in the context of business development, R&D, and entrepreneurship

The 1st pilot-edition came to life with the collaboration and support of Dr. Natalie Nixon, Director of the SDMBA program in Philadelphia University, and the education designers of Impara DOE, Dr. Clarisse Molad and Eitan Lerer.

The unbelievably flexible and collaborative students of the program were the fuel and motor behind its success, intrinsically understanding the merits of its complexity and helping us recognize the fine lines and hidden aspects of creativity and artisanal activity as they apply to MBA students.

We hope you enjoy this short video that gives only a gist of their amazing experience. And we invite you to contact us if you would like to produce and design with us a similar (or completely different) experience in Florence!